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How To Choose The Right Dog Doors?


When you are shopping for a dog door, you must have info on how it is going to affect the security of your house the moment it is installed. Traditional dog doors are oftentimes a frame on the wall or under the door. Even when they're made of some kind of sterner material, still, there are some security worries that a number of homeowners have.


Following are 3 important factors that have to be taken into account when buying the best pet door.


Number 1. The size of the door


One constant worry for these doors is the size it has. If for instance you have a big dog, then most likely, a small person can squeeze inside it. That person may be someone else, your kid or a thief perhaps. You wouldn't want seeing your child being stuck in the door for sure as it can possible cause injuries to him or her. In addition to that, there's the worry of some other animals doing as they please of going in and out of your house. if you can restrict the height of the door to your dog, this can limit the intruders for sure. To understand more about dogs, visit


Number 2. Where to install the dog door?


Even though it seems to be very convenient to build a dog door on front door, that subtlety announces that there's a small chance and less secure entry point to your house. It could be safer and also ideal to install the door on the back of the dog doors which usually leads to the backyard. Remember to not give burglars or potential intruders the idea of where they can penetrate your house.


Number 3. What you need?


Some traditional flap doors come with flaps or sterner made materials rather than plastics. There are also a number of lock settings that you can choose from. The door may be set to swing open outwards, inwards or even on just one direction and it gets locked. Such one-sided setting of course have merits and demerits.


This lock setting can keep your pet outside or perhaps, lock them indoors. To resolve this matter, you may want to invest in automatic dog door which is basically a long term investment not just for your dog but for your home's safety as well. When installing such door, your dog will be wearing a special kind of collar that's detected by the door so it will open up automatically when the dog is near.